LGS PREFAB leverages cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize construction. Our proprietary Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), crafted from steel and thermoplastics, drive automated and reproducible production. Our mission is clear: to significantly simplify processes, components, and labor, establishing a new industry benchmark for efficiency and quality.

With advanced software, automation, and precision engineering, we standardize residential, industrial, and retail project construction. Our technology doesn’t just build; it constructs a more efficient future, transforming both our clients’ projects and the industry itself. Explore how LGS PREFAB is reshaping construction with pioneering technology and unwavering expertise.

Effortless Design Integration

LGS PREFAB seamlessly integrates inventive design with state-of-the-art technology, yielding world-class computer programs that accelerate drawing production by up to 50-75% compared to traditional methods. Our approach sets new industry benchmarks for advanced construction practices and operational excellence.

Streamlined Structural Engineering

LGS PREFAB streamlines structural engineering through a digitized design-build process, creating permit and build-ready documents with unparalleled efficiency.

Precision in Advanced Manufacturing

LGS PREFAB’s advanced manufacturing is marked by the creation of prefabricated panels manufactured to an impressive 2mm tolerance. Our high-speed automatic lines not only ensure precision but also significantly reduce labor and material costs.

High Velocity Assembly

LGS PREFAB’s high-velocity assembly is a testament to our innovation. With installation rates of up to 4,000 sq ft/wk requiring only 6 installers or 20,000 sqft/week with 30 installers, we deliver projects swiftly and efficiently.

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